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The Team

We are a forever changing collective of actors, artists designers and musicians who make our work in our village of Forest Row, East Sussex. Born in 2010 the Company has at it's core some fine individuals who keep those things going, loving the fact that each production brings together a unique blend of great performers...

Firstly, our patron is Steve Dillane who oversees all productions and inspires our process with his insightful gaze!


charlotte jeannie nimmy gary

Naomi Wirthner

Director & Founding Creative



One wish? A home (& Funding)

Jean Joubert

Technical & Design



One wish? Unlimited Gaffa

Gary Wright

Design, Technical & Marketing



One wish? More snacks.

Charlotte Harvey




One wish? Discipline!

The Barebones Project is always on the lookout for individuals to help our productions run smoothly to join our volunteers who help with everything from parking to selling drinks..... If you would like to get involved with any of our future work, please get in touch. We often hold readings and are always looking for interested actors. Keep looking at the site for information on these or fill in your details HERE and we'll let you know what our plans are.