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Become a member and get all the benefits as well as knowing that you're supporting something great! Valid for a whole year and includes priority booking, discounts and more.
Once you've filled out your membership form and your payment has been received, we will send your membership card to you.

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Once you've finished ordering, go to your cart.


Once there you can change the amount you would like.

The amount will automatically change to your new total.


You will know when your order is complete when you are taken to the sales confirmation page.


You will then receive a confirmation from payPal regarding your payment. If you don't (your account may not be set up to do this) then don't worry, we always get the emailed confirmation.


You can print out your confirmation if you receive it but once you've ordered, we'll be sent your details which will be added to our seating plans and membership lists automatically so it isn't necessary to do anything else.


Please note: We do not send out tickets.