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We pride ourselves in bringing rare and beautiful works to our village and we've invited quite a few recently to the farm. If you're a performer and would like to bring some work to the farm, please get in touch. We're always on the lookout for good stuff to share with the villagers, who love great theatre!


Published in four parts between 1936 and 1942, T.S Eliot’s philosophical poem is one of the very greatest of the twentieth century, and his undisputed masterpiece. Stephen Dillane is well known for his unique and inspiring performance of this well-known piece which has been performed in many cities around the world. Performed at the farm in December 2014.


Conor Lovett came to the village to share his world famous portrayal in one of the Beckett Trilogy pieces. Conor, who trained at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris, has a reputation for being one of the foremost interpreters of Samuel Beckett’s work. His repertoire includes performances in 23 different Beckett productions internationally, and he has worked in devised theatre and taught master classes in solo performance. Lovett has also acted for the screen, appearing in Father Ted, Intermission, Moll Flander,L’Entente Cordiale and The Kings of Cork City, and co-producing and starring in Shut Eye. Performed at the Dairy in February 2015.



The Four Quartets


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A Number

"Caryl Churchill's magnificent play only lasts an hour but contains more drama and more ideas than most writers manage in a dozen full-length works...thought provoking and dramatically thrilling!"         The Guardian 2002

This work is being developed by Ian Rickson, Frank Dillane and Stephen Dillane..with a visit by the playwright and director. A wonderful piece of theatre; intense and thought provoking. Performed at The Dairy in March 2015.


a number



Frances thinks her husband Brian is a cheater, in her pursuit to save their marriage she will soon find out more than she ever wanted.

Premier performance of this moving comedy, now a short film comedy featured in various film festivals around the world.

Performed at The Dairy in May 2016.

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Faith Healer

One of the masterpieces of Ireland's greatest living playwright, Faith Healer weaves together the stories of a travelling healer, his wife and his manager. From their different versions of the healer's performances and a terrible event at the centre of the drama, Friel creates a powerful and haunting work of art.

A black ops production with Gina McKee, Ron Cook, Stephen Dillane and directed by Lyndsey Turner. By kind permission of the Estate of Brian Friel and the Donmar Warehouse whose production of the play inspired this performance. Performed at the Dairy in October 2016.

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The Continuing Saga of Billy the Cactus

and Lorraine Fontaine

Colin has created a beautiful love story that was perfect as a Valentine's special run. The story of Billy the cactus is warm, poignant and hilarious, all in one fluffy ball that is a very personal and a very powerful performance.

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The level of being

Her marriage is failing, she hates her job, her so-called friends are never there for her. But now she’s turning her life around, all thanks to Dr Doreen McDonald’s inspiring self-help bible, The Level of Being.

This is Ottilie Mackintosh’s tour de force, in which she brings Louise’s disturbing and comic new age journey to life.

'Ingenious adaptation brings out the pathos in Beckett.’

The Daily Telegraph


The Irish Times

'all sense of time and space disappears and you enter a strange, other world, with Beckett whispering cool truths in your ear.’ 

Time Out London


A stripped-down version of the Gare St Lazare Ireland production performed by Stephen Dillane and Conor Lovett and directed by Judy Hegarty Lovett.  


In 2018, Gare St Lazare Ireland presented part 1 of the 3-part novel at Everyman Theatre, Cork, Ireland and at The Print Room, London, directed by Judy Hegarty Lovett with Sound Design/ Composition by Mel Mercier.  The Cork production, supported by The Arts Council of Ireland, was co-designed by Judy Hegarty Lovett and Kris Stone and the London production, supported by Culture Ireland, was designed by Judy Hegarty Lovett with lighting by Simon Bennison.  


The Barebones rendition at Tablehurst Farm features the text of part 1 of How It and is recited verbatim by Conor Lovett and Stephen Dillane.  

How it is (Part One)


My Arm

“At the age of 10, for want of anything more meaningful to do, I put my arm above my head and kept it there. Now, thirty years on, I’m so full of meaning it’s killing me.”

Directed by Tim Crouch with Karl James and Hettie MacDonald.

Video by Chris Dorley Brown.

Performed by Tim Crouch. Performed at The Dairy in September 2015.


My Arm is the story of an empty gesture. It’s the confession of a man who has lived for thirty years by the courage of his lack of conviction. In that process he’s become a celebrated medical specimen and an icon of the New York art scene. My Arm is an extraordinary piece of theatre about modern art, bloody-mindedness and how the things we do when we’re ten stick with us for life. It’s beautifully written: simple, honest, intimate and painfully funny.


my arm