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We pride ourselves in bringing rare and beautiful works to our village and we've invited quite a few recently to the farm. If you're a performer and would like to bring some work to the farm, please get in touch. We're always on the lookout for good stuff to share with the villagers.


Published in four parts between 1936 and 1942, T.S Eliot’s philosophical poem is one of the very greatest of the twentieth century, and his undisputed masterpiece. Stephen Dillane is well known for his unique and inspiring performance of this well-known piece which has been performed in many cities around the world. Performed at the farm in December 2014.


Conor Lovett came to the village to share his world famous portrayal in one of the Beckett Trilogy pieces. Conor, who trained at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris, has a reputation for being one of the foremost interpreters of Samuel Beckett’s work. His repertoire includes performances in 23 different Beckett productions internationally, and he has worked in devised theatre and taught master classes in solo performance. Lovett has also acted for the screen, appearing in Father Ted, Intermission, Moll Flander,L’Entente Cordiale and The Kings of Cork City, and co-producing and starring in Shut Eye.



The Four Quartets


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A Number

"Caryl Churchill's magnificent play only lasts an hour but contains more drama and more ideas than most writers manage in a dozen full-length works...thought provoking and dramatically thrilling!"         The Guardian 2002

This work is being developed by Ian Rickson, Frank Dillane and Stephen Dillane..with a visit by the playwright and director. A wonderful piece of theatre; intense and thought provoking.


a number