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Ultimately, our audiences and their experiences are our most important asset. So we need you to do a few things for us to help our journey. Without you, we wouldn't be able to carry on. If you could take some time to fill in our contacts form below. There's a place on the form that allows you to share your experience of our shows and give us any feedback you think necessary. By doing this, we will be able to plan more effectively and share our experience with more people.

As said earlier, we are a company of like-minded actors, artists and musicians who have come together to bring exciting and stimulating experiences to our small Sussex Village and the region.


We believe that we can accomplish this within our community without impacting on our environment.


We work hard to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible – by reducing what we need to use, minimising what we waste and maximising what we can reuse/recycle – both on and off stage. We believe there is a more creative way of working to make a better world for everyone.


Our home is within an old farm out-building which is gratefully shared by the Douch Family for a minimum charge. The venue is close enough to the village to ride or walk to and we try and share vehicles where possible. We try and encourage our audiences to do this as well.

As a CIC, we feel a strong connection to our community; using local people and services for anything we work on. Our performers, our technical people, our marketing is all done by everyday people who believe in our ethos and we will only invite those who feel the same. Likewise, our banking is done with Triodos bank who are strongly ethical in all their trading.


We try to work on-line rather than on-paper when we can – for example by run e-mailing list rather than mailing out a printed brochure – and we generally do our best to minimise the amount of paper and printing we use. We’ll always try hard to source materials for our sets, props, costumes and consumables as responsibly as possible – we keep a store of costumes, props and materials that we can re-use, and secondhand shopping is great for reducing waste going to landfill.


Our affiliates and suppliers are a key part of our ethical policy – it’s important to us that we work with other like-minded people and companies, and that we encourage others to think about the social and environmental impact of their work, so we actively look into who our suppliers and collaborators are and try to avoid those we feel don’t take our world seriously enough while encouraging and seeking out those who do.


The most important of our values though, is to get more people experiencing theatre and all it has to offer. We believe that by choosing challenging and thought-provoking theatre rather than the mass entertainment titles, we can slowly increase the audience portfolio through fine execution and feeling. We very rarely use trained actors in our work, choosing people for their natural performance on stage and our instinctive direction to create pieces that aren't restricted by the imposed structures on many performers.

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